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School Council

School Council

Mission Statement

Our School Council is committed to enriching our children’s educational community and maintaining their enthusiasm as life-long learners. 


Our School Council

An active school council meets every second month (the last Thursday of the month at 7:15 pm) to discuss school programs, school policy, current educational issues and ways to enhance the educational endeavors of the school.  ALL parents are members of the School Council and are encouraged to be part of this advisory board.

2020/2021 School Council Executive

Chairperson - Renee Spelt

Vice-Chair -  Sarah Astles

Treasurer - Christina Rice

Secretary - Tracy Duckett


École James S. McCormick School Council Agenda
April 29 2021
7:15 PM via Google Meets

Present: Christina Rice Veronica Whitbread Sylvie Drysdale
Craig Fullarton Renée Spelt Tracy Duckett

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:17.

2. Introductions

3. Christina moved to accept the agenda.

4. Veronica moved to accept the February minutes.

5. Old Business

a. Virtual Council Recap - School council chairs met with the division trustees to discuss successes and challenges this year. Also, the new Alberta Education curriculum and the WCPS response was discussed.
b. The Mental Health First Aid session was well received. The speaker was engaging and entertaining.

6. Reports

a. Trustee - No trustee was present.
b. Staff Report -

i. Class sizes will be higher next year; they have been lower for a few years and especially low this year due to the number of students who have not attended school in person. Teacher FTE will be spread across classes as much as possible to lower the student to teacher ratio and class size averages.
ii. The virtual program will continue next year. It will be more for students with underlying needs, such as immunocompromised students.
Cheryl Eberts is on a leave for the rest of the year. Amy Womacks is taking her place.

c. Treasurer - Christina reported we have fewer fundraising dollars this year because of COVID. There was $6048.00 in the account as of March 31st. Outstanding as of now is $750.00 to Booster Juice. So far, hot lunches have made $1000.00. There are still funds coming from the Panago Pizza fundraiser ($439.14) and the Dielman fundraiser.

d. Fundraising Update -

i. The Lacombe City Cinema is selling us popcorn for $1.50, and we will sell it as a special snack in May for $2.00.
ii. Panago Fundraiser - We are doing another pizza night on May 17.
iii. There will be no new fundraisers the rest of this year.

7. New Business

a. Brainstorm ideas for next year activities to use fundraiser $$ and fundraise for

i. Buy a meal for the staff on an aligned Friday. Veronica will look into whether The Broom Tree would provide a breakfast for a PD day. Christina moved to buy breakfast for the staff up to $600.00. Veronica seconded. Passed.
ii. Veronica moved to buy $100.00 gift cards for 22 teachers. Christina seconded. Passed. Veronica will organize this.
iii. Craig reported that about 40 Chromebooks will be at end of life this year, and the division is no longer replacing them. He will look more into the cost of new Chromebooks. When we have updated finances, the council will decide how much money can go toward buying laptops. The idea of grade three students purchasing laptops of their own was discussed as an alternative.
iv. Possibly use council funds to purchase a bag of popcorn for every student in June. It would be about $600. This will be revisited at the next meeting.

b. Big Brothers Big Sisters Walk - This has replaced the Wii Bowling fundraiser.
c. X Movement - Tracy presented on this program. There is a community option for families to join online for movement. Tracy will find out if students can see each other through the Zoom link and report back next time.

8. Adjournment was at 8:43.

9. Next Meeting Date - May 27, 2021


École James S. McCormick School Council Agenda
7:15 PM Via Google Meets

Present: Renée Spelt, Christina Rice, Veronica Whitbread, Tracy Duckett, Craig Fullarton, Danielle Gouchie, Bonnie Mannen, Sylvie Drysdale

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:18.
  2. Introductions (no new members)
  3. Veronica moved to accept the agenda.
  4. Christina moved to adopt the November minutes as written.
  5. Old Business
    1. Chocolate Fundraiser - See the new business section, below.
  6. Reports
    1. Trustee - No trustee was present.
    2. Staff Report - There are three new staff members who are replacing people on a leave. Lorena Nicholasis replacing administrative assistant, Antoinelle Leibel; Steffie Dijkstra is replacing the family school liaison worker, Kim McLean; and Amanda Szuszkiewicz will be replacing grade one FI teacher, Megan Drolet when she goes on her maternity leave.
    3. Treasurer - The current balance is $4041.00. $402.00 was raised in the poinsettia fundraiser. At this time last year, just over $5000.00 had been raised. Not being able to have hot lunches is having an impact on the funds.
  7. New Business
    1. Joint Council Meeting - On March 24, 2021, the parents/guardians are invited to join an online session with Noah Boakye Yiadom who will be speaking on Mental Health First Aid.
    2. Friends of Education Award - Council members are invited to nominate individuals or organizations who have demonstrated commitment to supporting the school. Information is located here. Nominations must be in by March 26th.
    3. Budget and District Video Review in Anticipation of Budget Release - The superintendent sent out an invitation for school council parents/guardians to participate in a Thought Exchange on prioritizing budget dollars in light of the anticipated shortfall of funding. There is an informative video from Wolf Creek here. The Thought Exchange is located here. It will be open until February 12.
    4. Hot Lunch Update - Schools in Wolf Creek can now have hot lunches as long as specific protocols are followed. For example, the orders have to come straight from the restaurants to the schools and be individually packaged and named for students. Veronica will get started on organizing hot lunches.
    5. Differentiated Calendar for the 2021-22 School Year - The base calendar was approved for Wolf Creek. Lacombe schools differentiate some days in lieu of events such as parent-teacher conferences. Craig described the proposed calendar for JS McCormick School, which aligns with the other Lacombe schools. The council members were in favour of it.
    6. Fundraisers -
      Sausages are free of allergens such as dairy, nuts, and gluten.
      Orders can be delivered to the school for parents to pick up.
      There is a short turnaround time.
      Boxes sell for $35.00 each and the council will receive $8.00 profit on each box.
      Payments would be made online through the school.
      Bonnie moved to run this fundraiser. Carried.
Dieleman offers a variety of products such as jerky, plants, candies.
All ordering and payments are done online through their website.
There is a 50% profit on orders delivered to the school for parents to pick up.
There is a 40% profit on orders delivered to homes.
Bonnie moved to adopt this fundraiser. Carried.

Renée and Veronica will set up these fundraisers.

8. Tracy and Craig will look for online cultural events the council might want to pay for so students still have that exposure.

9. Adjournment was at 8:23.

10. Next Meeting Date is February 25, 2021


École James S. McCormick School Council Agenda

October 28, 2020

7:15 via Google Meets

Present: Craig Fullarton, Christina Rice, Renée Spelt, Tracy Duckett, Danielle Gouchie, Veronica Whitbread, Sarah Astles, Kelly Lowry - trustee

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:25.

2. Christina moved to accept the agenda. 

3. Christina moved to accept the September 2020 minutes.

4. Old Business

a. Blue Grass Fundraiser - poinsettias

 i. Ella Parcels from Blue Grass joined the meeting and explained the fundraiser: 

Pick up at Blue Grass or school. Buyers get a colour choice (pink, white, or red) based on first come, first served at the garden centre, but at the school, the poinsettias will be mostly red. Profit will depend on the price charged for sale. The costs are as follows:

  • 6” poinsettia - cost is $10.50, sell for $20.00
  • 8” poinsettia - cost is $18.00, sell for $28.00
  • 10” poinsettia - cost is $24.00, sell for $35.00

The deadline for ordering will be December 1, and pick up will need to be done by December 15th. Sarah motioned to go ahead on this fundraiser. Danielle seconded.

b. Access to future meetings: a link will be provided on the parent Facebook page before each meeting.

5. Reports

a. Trustee - Kelly Lowry reported that the reduction in students registered with Wolf Creek is equivalent to about $1.4 to $1.5 million dollars. The school board wrote a letter to Adrianna LaGrange requesting the government maintain funding at the level estimated for this year rather than the actual student numbers. There is a plan to change boundaries so Blackfalds would have its own trustee while Lacombe would have 2 trustees for the county and city. Bentley would be combined with Rimbey. The trustees have asked for fairness relative to diploma writing across the quarters. The superintendent of schools, Jayson Lovell, has resigned, effective the end of this school year, so the process for replacing him has already started. 

b. Staff Report - Tracy reported that students are returning to the school from virtual learning and the school is glad to have them back. Dr. Hinshaw’s news today indicated there are fewer core symptoms that require the 10 day isolation period. Craig reported the breakfast program is running again but on a smaller scale than last year. 

c. Treasurer - Christina reported there have been no changes to the budget, so the balance remains at $4359.47. The Alberta Theatre cancelled their performance which was postponed from last spring. They asked for us to donate the deposit, but the council decided the fundraised dollars are not theirs to donate since they are raised to benefit the students of JSM. So we will ask for the deposit to be returned. 

6. New Business

a. Boston Pizza would like to offer hot lunches, but the school is not able to bring food in from outside organizations at this time. 

7. The meeting adjourned at 8:25.

8. The next meeting is scheduled for November 26, 2020.


École James S. McCormick School Council Agenda

September 24, 2020

7:15 via Google Meets

Present: Craig Fullarton, Christina Rice, Renée Spelt, Tracy Duckett

  1. It took a while for everyone to access the meeting, but it was called to order at 7:35.
  2. Christina moved to accept the agenda.
  3. Christina moved to accept the May 2020 minutes.
  4. Selection/Election of Executive
    1. Chairperson - Renée will continue.
    2. Treasurer - Christina will continue.
    3. Vice-Chair - Tracy will advertise for this position.
    4. Secretary - Tracy will continue.
  5. Reports
    1. Trustee - No trustee was present. 
    2. Staff Report - Tracy reported that parents/guardians and students have been really amazing with all the changes and challenges of re-entry. Several students and staff have had to miss school due to symptoms, but have been able to return when the symptoms resolved. Tracy also reported that the nutrition program will be starting again soon, but with more restrictions in place. 
    3. Treasurer - Christina reported that the opening balance for this year is $4359.00.
  6. Old Business
    1. Natural Play Area - Tracy reported that Jason Lunn is working with the school and is willing to donate some of the materials. He is looking for big logs that can be moved onto the playground or cut into rounds for students to walk across. Christina offered to donate a large rock from the Rice property if arrangements can be made to transport it to the school.
  7. New Business
    1. School Re-entry - Students have been adjusting to the new routines, procedures and protocols very well. Requirements have changed a few times, but the students have always adjusted easily.
    2. How parents can access future meetings - Craig will look into a way all parents/guardians can join online meetings. 
    3. Fundraising - Renée shared some ideas for fundraising that are within the parameters of COVID expectations. 
      1. The new SUTP fundraiser is online under a new name of, 
      2. Kernels popcorn (we buy for $1.25 and sell for $2.50-$3.00), Medicine Hat Meat Traders (beef Jerky), S4 Greenhouses (50/50 split but need orders by Nov 30)
      3. We are not able to have hot lunches or treats brought into the school at this time due to COVID restrictions.
  8. The meeting adjourned at 8:14.
  9. Meetings will take place the last Thursday of each month. The next meeting is scheduled for October  29, 2020.



2019/2020 School Council Executive

Chairperson - Renee Spelt

Vice-Chair -  Sarah Astles

Secretary - Tracy Duckett

Treasurer - Christina Rice

Directors - TBD

Hot Lunches - Veronica Whitbread


École James S. McCormick School Council Minutes

May 26, 2020, 7:15pm

Members Present: Sarah Astles, Christina Rice, Craig Fullarton, Renée Spelt, Tracy Duckett, Tracy Somers Brown

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:16. People Introduced themselves.

2. Two additions were made to the agenda. Christina moved acceptance of the agenda as amended.

3. Sarah moved acceptance of the February 27, 2020 minutes.

4. Old Business

a. Jason Lunn - Craig and Tracy D met with Jason at the beginning of March to discuss the outdoor playground. He is looking into the costs of the rocks, logs, and earth moving for the project. 

b. School Mascot - The mascot was cleaned and repaired. The council paid the school for the costs. 

5. Reports

a. Sewing Machine Project Update - The school was not able to fundraise for the machines. Tracy requested the council consider paying for some of the machines.

b. Staff Report - The school was painted during the home learning part of the year.  Tracy Somers Brown reported the admin team and other staff members have worked hard to try to ensure no family falls through the cracks. Tracy D reported that some EAs are continuing to connect with students, even though they were laid off. For example, some join the class social gatherings while others are connecting with a few individual students a few times per week. 

c. The treasurer reported the current bank balance is $4350.50. Christina moved to leave the money in the account for next year’s council. Veronica seconded. Carried.

d. Fundraising Update - Veronica reported the coupon book people will not have a book for the fall fundraising. Vesseys bulb orders went out just before schools were closed, so there was no opportunity for fundraising through it. 

6. New Business

a. Activities Review of the 2020 Year - Money was spent on musical theatre deposit, sod for outdoor classroom, and the mascot cleaning.

b. Plans for 2020 School Year for money allocation - The council recommended the next year’s council consider supporting the sewing machine club and the continued growth of the outdoor play spaces next year. 

7. The meeting adjourned at 8:30.

8. Next Meeting Date:  September 24 2020 At 7:15 PM


École James S. McCormick School Council Minutes

February 27, 2020, 7:15pm

Present: Tracy Somers-Brown, Craig Fullarton, Renée Spelt, Veronica Whitbread, Danielle Gouchie, Sarah Astles, Jessie Wiart

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:19.

2. A motion to accept the agenda was made by Renee.

3. Veronica moved to adopt the January 30, 2020 minutes as read.

4. Old Business

a. Breakfast Program and Nutrition Grant update- Cilantro and Chive will be presenting their cheque on Tuesday. The Nutrition Grant has been used to hire someone to prepare food that has a higher nutrition value. A $1000 grant was received from Fortis Alberta and will be used to purchase a tower garden that will help produce foods used in the program. The Kinsmen group may have interest in contributing and this will be explored further.

b. Fundraising Update - What is next for fundraisers? Where are we with Vessey’s Bulbs? Swifty glasses and apparel?  Packages for ordering from Vessey’s Bulbs are on their way. It is hoped that any orders will be fulfilled before May long weekend. Next year, S4 Greenhouses would like to do a spring fundraiser with the school.

c. Joint Lacombe School Council Meeting - Noah Boakey Yiadom who speaks on Mental Health First Aid (March 17, 2020). 

d. Makerspace and sewing project update- One grade 3 class has started working on the project. They have been working on drawing and cutting the fabric, learning how to use machines safely, and are working towards completing their own bags. Timelines are yet to be established as to when and how bags will be sold.

5. Reports

a. Staff Report

i. Teacher Exchange- Tracy and Craig will be heading to Spain in mid-March. Staff thoroughly enjoyed having Spanish teachers in our school and the experience was extremely well received.

ii. Family Skate Night (March 5)- From 4:00-5:00. Families can skate and/or sled, and hot chocolate will be offered.

iii. Family Makerspace night (April 23, 6:00-7:30)- An evening to expose families to the makerspace philosophy and to let them explore hands-on, maker-type activities. Families will have a chance to experience many of the makerspace activities available to the students at the school.

iv. Spring concerts (April 15-Grade 2, April 16-Grade 1)- A kindergarten date has yet to be announced.

b. Treasurer Report- Current balance is $7571 with $2896.65 still to be subtracted from previous receipts.

c. Trustee Report -No trustee was present.

6. New Business

a. 2020-2021 Budget Meeting (April 1, 6:30 p.m. @ Lacombe Composite High School)- Information can be shared. Many parents are taking a greater interest in learning more about the budget, how money is allocated, etc. The council has encouraged this event to be shared.

b. Allocating Council Money (eg., classroom accounts, playground, school resources)- A quote will be investigated into the cost of developing the outdoor classroom. The possibility of getting logs, rocks, etc. for kids to play with and climb on will be explored. Jason Lunn has been contacted (D&M Contracting).

c. An invoice was presented discussing the cleaning and maintenance of our mascot costume. Veronica has said she will check with her connections in the industry to see if she can find a better price. If the price is not cheaper, a motion was made by Veronica for council to pay the invoice provided by Street Mascots. Danielle seconded this.

7. Adjournment at 7:56.

8. Next Meeting Date - April 30, 2020 @ 7:15


École James S. McCormick School Council Minutes

January 30, 2020, 7:15pm

Present: Renée Spelt, Christina Rice, Craig Fullarton, Tiffany Lowry, Bonnie Mannen, Sarah Astles, Brent Buchanan, Jessie Wiart, Danielle Gouchie, Tracy Duckett, Veronica Whitbread

The meeting was called to order at 7:21.

Introductions were made.

Christina moved acceptance of the agenda.

Danielle moved to accept the November 28, 2019 minutes as read.

Old Business

Hot Lunches - Donations can be made by guardians when they pay for hot lunches. So far $153.00 has been donated. Booster Juice and pizza are very popular and make money. Booster Juice is easy and will be offered more often. 

Breakfast Program - Sales of the ice cream sandwich at Cilantro and Chive are going well. The food bank will prepare a box of donations for us. Danielle will get us an email address for us to connect with. 

Fundraising Update - What is next for fundraisers? Other fundraising possibilities were brought up at the last meeting, such as Vessey’s Bulbs, Purdy’s chocolates, bird seed hangers. Renee moved to do the Vessey’s Bulbs fundraiser. Danielle seconded. Carried.

Joint Lacombe School Council Meeting - Noah Boakey Yiadom who speaks on Mental Health First Aid on March 17, 2020 at the high school. It was requested that this message goes out as a message to parents/guardians.

6. Reports

a. Trustee

i. Board Advocacy Campaign - The board is working on partnerships with municipal governments. There is a new funding formula coming in the provincial government’s spring budget. There were concerns raised about not having the ACOL funding to lower class sizes. The board is trying to have working relationships with the MLAs in the Wolf Creek area. The Tell Us Your Story initiative is meant to provide input into what the board should be addressing with the government. The link is here: There is an investigation into re-configuring the Terrace Ridge School. The grade sevens will likely be moved to the junior high.

b. Staff Report

i. Staffing Changes - Michelle Payzant returned from maternity leave after Christmas. She is job sharing with April Meyer. Zander Rampersaud moved over to the grade two position left open by Carleigh Olsen who has since given birth to a baby boy. 

ii. Fundraising - The school is planning to do a fundraiser by selling Swifty sunglasses in the spring. It was suggested the school also sell Swifty shirts and hoodies. 

iii. Teacher Exchange - Craig and Tracy are hosting two teachers from Spain February 1 to 14. They will be spending time at JSM, visiting other schools and staying at Craig and Tracy’s homes. 

iv. Makerspace - Tracy described the plan for starting a sewing club. The first project will be done by grade threes. They are going to sew cloth shopping bags. 8 second hand sewing machines have been acquired so far (7 of which were donated). The Red Deer Sewing Centre is selling the school sewing machines for less than half price. There are plans for a maker project parent/guardian night in the spring.

v. Yearbook - These will sell this year for $22.00 and are already online for purchasing. 

vi. Nutrition Grant - The school received a nutrition grant of ~$19,000 which can be used for a variety of expenses from buying food to feeding the whole school a hot lunch meal to hiring extra help for the breakfast program. At this point, no decisions on how to spend the money have been made. If a person is hired, it was suggested she/he could cook oatmeal, boil eggs, blend smoothies, and wash fruit. 

c. Treasurer- There is a current balance of $8331.38 in the school council budget. It was reported that the White Elephant Sale earnings totaled $1421.30. Renée moved half the money be donated to the school’s breakfast program. Bonnie seconded. Carried. 

7. New Business

a. 2020/2021 Differentiated  Calendar- options for days off and how the calendar may look

b. Musical Theatre - Craig requested school council funding for this event which is scheduled for October 29 of 2021. A $200.00 down payment has been made already. Christina moved that the council put money aside for this event next fall. Bonnie seconded. Carried. The council will pay the school the $200.00 down payment now. 

8. Adjournment 

9. Next Meeting Date - February 27, 2020


École James S. McCormick School Council Minutes

November 28, 2019, 7:15pm

Members Present: 

Christina Rice, Michelle Barefoot, Tracy Somers-Brown, Taryn Bos, Renée Spelt, Veronica Whitbread, Tracy Duckett, Danielle Gouchie, Barb Taylor, Rhonda Szerve, Craig Fullarton

The meeting was called to order at 7:16. 

Everyone introduced themselves. 

Christina moved to adopt the agenda. Carried. 

Craig Fullarton’s name was added to the September 26th minutes as a member present. Veronica moved to adopt the minutes as amended. Carried.


Old Business

School Council Positions Update - Sarah Astles has accepted the vice chair position but was not able to make it today’s meeting. 

White Elephant Sale - Bags have arrived. There are a lot more volunteers since the email yesterday. A few more are needed. More donations came in today. 

Fundraising Update - Christina reported the AdMazing Coupon Books made $944.96. Pizzas are now coming in small boxes rather than handing out big slices. This is simpler but will not make as much money. It was suggested that the online payment for hot lunches include a way to donate toward hot lunches for other students (those who can’t afford them). Tracy will ask Sheri if parents can make donations when they pay for hot lunches. Other fundraising possibilities were brought up, such as Vessey’s Bulbs, Purdy’s chocolates, bird seed hangers. 

Outdoor Classroom Funding - Tracy requested $952.85 for sod in the outdoor classroom if funds allow. Veronica moved to pay this amount. Danielle seconded. Carried. There is a plan to further the outdoor classroom toward the north. The school is working with D & M to come up with a plan that includes low hills, logs, rocks, etc. for encouraging movement and interaction with nature. The school plans to request grant money from ECO energy, but they will only fund half the project, so we need to fundraise for the rest. 


Concerts - Tracy explained the reasoning behind changing the approach to concerts. There was discussion related to the tradition of Christmas concerts, as well as the possibility of generating excitement at other times of the year over the concerts. 

Newsletters - The newsletters will now include a section highlighting donations from community organizations. For example, the Lacombe School Age program is donating money, monthly, for library books, so the librarian will write a feature about the books she purchases. 

Fundraising - Nesta Morris’ grade three classroom is going to do fundraising for the school through milk. 

Breakfast Program - Craig reported about 60 children come each day. It’s available for all children, since there are several reasons they might be hungry. For example, some students have long bus rides and are hungry by the time they get to school. There is an important social aspect to students coming together. It’s expensive to maintain, but there are donations and support for it. For example, Cobb’s bread out of Red Deer donates bread each week. Cilantro and Chive is giving the breakfast program donations from their ice cream sandwich dessert sales in December, January and February. On Dec 18 there will be mini versions sold at the school. Mr. Mike’s donates their bottles and a staff member recycles them, then donates the money to the breakfast program. It was suggested that the school advertises needed items and asks parents to donate the items. It was suggested we ask the food bank to donate to the breakfast program. Danielle will talk with the food bank about this. 

Trustee - No report available.

Staff Report

Treasurer - Currently the bank account has approximately $3400 available balance. 

New Business

School Council/School Board Meeting - Four representatives of the school council attended the meeting. Danielle reported there is a 1.8 million dollar deficit in funding once the provincial budget came out. As well, insurance rates went up along with other costs resulting in a 3 million dollar deficit. The school board opted to use reserves to cover the shortfall this year, but is concerned about funding for next year. School fees will possibly be reinstated. The March budget is a concern in case there are more cuts for the 2020-2021 school year. The board asked parents to give input on what is most important to them. How to advocate for funding was brought up. The board’s budget is about 90 million per year and their reserve is only about 2% of that now. There is less money for replacing buses or big equipment that breaks down in high school shop or cooking programs, for example.There are expected to be 60,000 new students in Alberta, but the funding has been frozen so they don’t know if new students will be funded at the same level as there has been. The need to lobby the government was brought up by the audience. There was a request from council members for templates to be shared for letter writing about the budget. The council members then generated talking points in case people want to write to the MLA. Talking points include funding for reasonable class sizes; adequate support staff members; support for inclusion coaching; and funding for family school liaison workers and social workers. It was noted there is a prepared template at this website: It was also mentioned there is a government survey about funding for private schools at this site:

In the spring there is usually a joint Lacombe school council meeting. This year, the speaker is likely to be Noah Boakey Yiadom who speaks on Mental Health First Aid. He has been asked to target anxiety, in particular. The need to promote this event was brought up, in the hope of increasing the turn out, because the topics are always interesting. 

There is a School Councils Conference April 24, 25, 26, 2020.

More information can be found on the Alberta School Councils Association

The next meeting date is January 30, 2020.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:16.


École James S. McCormick School Council Minutes

September 26, 2019, 7:15pm


Michelle Huston, Danielle Gouchie, Tracy Duckett, Christina Rice, Veronica Whitbread, Angela Wymann-Richter

The meeting was called to order at 7:17.

Everyone introduced themselves.

Christina moved acceptance of the agenda as adopted.

Michelle moved acceptance of the minutes of April 2019. 

Selection/Election of Executive

Chairperson - Tracy and Craig will start advertising for a new chair.

Treasurer - Christina Rice

Vice-Chair - Tracy and Craig will start advertising for a new vice-chair.

Secretary - Tracy Duckett


Trustee - no one present to report

Staff Report - Genevieve Jean is new to the school. She teaches grade one French Immersion. Zander Rampersaud is covering for Michelle Payzant’s maternity leave. There are now cameras in the outdoor classroom. 

Treasurer - $1267.00 balance

Fundraising - ADmazing Coupon Book sales are on until October 11. Hot Lunches are already planned for the year. Grade three students are going to be scheduled to help hand out lunches. 

New Business

New signatories for bank account may not be needed if the current signatories continue. Tracy will find out. 

Adjournment was at 7:54.

Next Meeting Date is October 23rd.


School Council Meeting Minutes

April 24, 2019, 7:15

Members Present:

Angela Wymann-Richter, Veronica Whitbread, Kelly Lowry, Christine Graves, Tracy Duckett, Danielle Gouchie

The meeting was called to order at 7:16.

After one addition to the agenda, Danielle moved it be adopted. Carried.

Veronica moved the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.


Ever Active Schools - Christine reported the group will be returning on May 6th and will be guiding the students through planting activities. There will be flowers for feeding the bees and butterflies, and vegetables that can be harvested in the fall. Angela suggested buying Vessey’s bulbs.

Trickster Theatre - Performances will take place May 31st. The theme is Fantastical Journeys.

Natural Playground - Tracy explained she is applying for a grant through ECO Energy for a natural playground area. It will be located north of the outdoor classroom. It will require fundraising.

School Board Trustee, Kelly Lowry, reported the board is reconsidering the boundaries for the wards, particularly with regard to Blackfalds. There is a board meeting to discuss the budget on April 29th, but there are many unknowns due to the recent election.

Staff Report:

Treasurer’s Report - Christina provided a report for Angela to share. She listed the activities that raise more than $300.00. Cinnamon buns, Subway, and pizza have been the better snack/hot lunch fundraisers. But there is still a place for the healthier options such as Booster Juice. There needs to be more volunteers on pizza days, because Veronica buys large pizzas rather than individual pizzas, which is a lot more work but raises more money. It is expected there will be money to spend at the May meeting and/or to put aside for projects for next year.

New Business

Christine explained Correctional Services Canada in Saskatoon is building a playhouse for our outdoor classroom. She asked for $2500.00 to put toward the costs. There weren’t enough people at the meeting for quorum, so there couldn’t be a vote. The vote was postponed until May 30th.

Vessey’s Draw - Hadley Brigham and Emerson Steeves won baskets.

The next meeting will be May 30th at 7:15.

The meeting adjourned at 7:56.


École James S. McCormick School Council Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2019

Members Present:

Kim Willington, Angela Wymann Richter, Veronica Whitbread, Bonnie Newman, Michelle Barefoot, Christina Rice, Christine Graves, Tracy Duckett, Brent Buchanan

The meeting was called to order at 7:16.

Members present signed in.

After one addition to the agenda, Kim moved the agenda be adopted. Carried.

Bonnie moved the minutes be adopted as posted. Carried.


Christine and Tracy presented on the school’s ACE Plan, which is the documentation of school goals for the year.

Members were asked for input on whether the 2019-20 differentiated school calendar. The WCPS division calendar has a teacher start date of August 28th and a 4 day May long weekend. If teachers start on Tuesday, August 27th to give more prep time before the students start, there will be an extra in lieu day during the school year. This would mean having a 5 day May long weekend. No concerns were raised about this plan.

Christine reported on the EverActive initiative for outdoor play. Tracy said she is looking into grants to possibly expand natural outdoor play spaces on the playground.

The White Elephant Sale made $1500.00, so a cheque for $750.00 went to the Food Bank.

Concert nights brought in $2000.00, which is $700.00 less than last year.

School Board Trustee, Brent Buchanan, presented on the Public School Board Association’s initiative to reduce costs related to having so many different types of schools in Alberta (eg., private, public, charter). Members were invited to question candidates about education when the election is called. The hope is to stabilize public education funding, so every year decisions can be made without having to wait and hope for additional funding to support staffing and resources.

Staff Report:

Treasurer’s Report:

New Business:

Christina moved to pay for the sod in the outdoor classroom. Veronica seconded. Carried.

Kim moved to pay the $3000.00 toward the literacy kit. Christina seconded. Carried.

The parent survey resulted in putting money into school classrooms was most popular. Danielle moved to give $100.00 gift certificates to each program, including each class, music, PE, FSLW, HUB for a total of $2400.00. Kim seconded. Carried.

Based on survey results, using school council funds to pay for field trip busing was less popular. The possibility of paying for field trip busing will be revisited later in the year.

Funding Requests -

The Joint School Council Meeting will be March 27th at 7:00 at the high school. The speakers will be Jo(e) Social Media. The JSM school council has been asked to pay $150.00 toward the cost.


The next meeting will be February 28th at 7:15.

The meeting adjourned at 8:54.



École James S. McCormick School Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 @ 7:15pm


Danielle Gouchie, Michelle Barefoot, Angela Wymann Richter, Kim Willington, Veronica Whitbread, Christina Rice, Tracy Duckett, Bonnie Newman, Christine Graves

1.0 The meeting was called to order at 7:18.

2.0 Kim moved approval of the agenda.

3.0 Michelle approved the Minutes as circulated.

3.1 No corrections were required.

4.0 School Council Reports

4.1 School Board Trustees

Not present

4.2 Staff Report

Ever Active Schools Partnership

To support JS students and staff with outdoor learning

They will come four times this school year.

ACE plan

Discussed AERR results and the possibility of surveying parents during portfolio walks to gather specific information about JS.

Invited the council to add a question - Tracy created a question to add to the survey. The survey will be promoted in advance, so people can see the questions in advance.

4.4 Treasurer

$10,319.64 balance

$2,800 made from the hot lunch program since the end of October.

Cheques to reimburse teachers for the Glow Dance were provided.

5.0 New Business

5.1 White Elephant Sale December 3rd, 4th, 5th - Sign up Genius is going well for volunteers. We will send an email regarding the need for more items. A discussion took place about who will receive the donation portion. The Food Bank was agreed upon.

5.2 Christmas Concerts

Baking is needed for the fundraiser. The school newsletter and classroom teachers will advertise this.

People are needed to run the bake sale.

People are needed for selling couches and for giving away the seat draw tickets.

6.0      The meeting was adjourned at 8:15. Next Meeting is January 31, 2019.


École James S. McCormick School Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 18, 2018 @ 7:15pm


Angela Wymann-Richter, Michelle Barefoot, Veronica Whitbread, Christine Graves - Assistant Principal, Tracy Duckett - Principal, Kelly Lowry - Trustee, Kari-Ann Flater, Danielle Gouchie, Jessie Wiart

The meeting was called to order at 7:15.

Everyone introduced herself.

Adoption of the agenda was moved by Veronica.

Changes were made to the September 27 minutes. The amount reported to be in the account was incorrect. The correct amount is $7,144.92. Also, Michelle Huston was not included in the minutes. Kari-Ann moved the minutes be adopted as revised.


Tracy reported on the new dog policy for the school.

Christine reported on the tipi raising ceremony. She said the First Nations inmates were so touched by the JS staff members’ attitude that they are going to give us a Star Blanket which is their highest honour. Angela said the ceremony was incredible and it was obvious we have embraced the culture and the school is adopting it. Kelly also said they are delivering the new picnic tables next Friday.

It was brought up that the outdoor classroom is starting to get some vandalism, such as a cigarette burn in the shed. We are going to get signage. It was suggested we look into Trail Lights.  

Tracy reported that the next two PD days will focus on NVCI training.

School Trustee, Kelly Lowry was present. She said the PAT scores from 2017-18 have improved, so that is positive. She mentioned the international travel opportunity now available as an exchange with students in China. Kelly was asked whether this initiative is costing anything to the division or in any way having an impact on the classroom conditions for WCPS students (eg., class sizes). Kelly said the short answer to this is ‘no’, but she will double check on this and have a more detailed answer for the next meeting. She said the division brought in $25,000 from the Chinese visit. She said she supports international education, but not at the expense of the WCPS students. Kelly also invited all council members to attend the October 22 meeting at 5:30 at Terrace Ridge; the focus is on FNMI initiatives.

Staff Report

Treasurer’s Report - As of September 30th the balance was $7685.09.

Fundraising Report

The coupon books did not do as well this year. Last year 230 sold, but this year closer to 100 sold. Veronica said it is still worth the work because there was still about $1000.00 made.

Healthier lunches don’t make much money, but the pizza hot lunches make money. There is usually $1.00 made per student.

New Business

Portfolio Walks in November - The council will order lasagne for one night of the November portfolio walks. It was $184.00 during the October parent-teacher meetings.

White Elephant is December 3rd, 4th, 5th.

Adjournment was at 8:12. Next meeting is November 22.


École James S. McCormick School Council Minutes

September 27, 2018

Present:   Michelle Barefoot, Bonnie Newman, Kari-Ann Flater, Danielle Gouchie, Tracy Duckett - Principal,   Christine Graves - Assistant Principal,  Tracy Somers-Brown, Christina Rice, Veronica Whitbread, Jessie Wiart, Angela Wymann-Richter

The meeting was called to order at 7:17.

Everyone introduced themselves.

Veronica moved acceptance of the agenda as amended.

Michelle Barefoot moved acceptance of the minutes of May 2108.

Selection/Election of Executive

Chairperson - Angela Wymann Richter

Vice-Chair - Michelle Huston

Secretary - Tracy Duckett

Treasurer - Christina Rice

Directors - Kari-Ann Flater, Jessie Wiart, Michelle Barefoot, Danielle Gouchie, Bonnie Newman

Hot Lunches - Angela Wymann-Richter, Veronica Whitbread, Jill Kohlman

Milk - Kim Willington


Outdoor Classroom - Christine reported on the partnership with Bowden Institution. The shed was put in place over the summer, as was the fence and sod for the tipi. A tipi is being put in place tomorrow; there will be a ceremony in the afternoon in honour of the tipi. A door was built over the summer from the learning commons to the outdoor classroom. A gazebo, picnic tables, and playhouses are being built over the course of year. Some landscaping was done over the summer as well and more is anticipated next spring. A new birdhouse will be put up in the spring. A sandbox is also planned for the space. Fundraising may be required to help with the building projects.

Family Nights - Tracy reported there is a plan to have more family nights this year. This will include a family maker space night to introduce parents/guardians to the renovated learning commons and the outdoor classroom.

Trickster Theatre - Tracy Duckett reported the school received the Trickster Theatre grant again this year. The event takes place the last week of May. The grant covers 75% of the total cost which is approximately $25,000 plus taxes. The school has not decided whether to charge per student to supplement the cost.

Numbers - Tracy reported the school population has gone up this year.

Family Dance - Tracy Somers Brown reported the school’s Healthy Living Team is hosting a family dance the evening of October 25th. The them is “Glow”.

School Board Trustee - No trustee was present.

Staff Report

Fundraising - Angela explained the typical fundraisers held through the year. She asked everyone to keep fundraising ideas in mind.

New Business

Angela said the council has provided meals for the staff at parent teacher interviews over the years, and asked about providing meals for interviews/portfolio walks this year. The council will provide lasagne one night next week, and ask parents/guardians to contribute salads and desserts.

Trickster Theatre - Angela reminded everyone that last May it was agreed that $7000.00 would be contributed to supplementing the cost.

Classroom Supply Fund - Typically each class/program in the school receives $100.00.

Year End Swims - This has been booked already and is usually paid by the council.

Assembly Performances - In the past, the council has paid for occasional fine arts performances.

Mathology - Christine explained this resource is available in French and English for grades one and two, and eventually kindergarten and grade three. Each grade gets little books that combine math and literacy and a kit with learning activities. Last year a donation was made to the school by a community organization to purchase a set of books for one grade. The council was asked in May to consider purchasing more of the components for each grade level.

We made about $17,000 last $3471.31 is currently in the account.

Christine requested the council cover the cost of some of the summer’s landscaping materials for the outdoor classroom. Michelle moved payment of $246.53. Christina seconded. Carried.

Budget -

Timeline -

Angela shared a timeline of main events to consider over the course of the year.

The next meeting was scheduled for October 25th, but that is the night of the Family Dance. The meeting has been rescheduled for October 18th.

New Treasurer and Banking - Christina Rice will be the new treasurer. A second person needs to sign each cheque. Julie Munro, Kim Willington and Pamela Newman will be removed as signatories. Karri-Ann moved acceptance of the following people as co-signers:  Michelle Huston, Jessie Wiart, Bonnie Newman


Bonnie moved adjournment at 8:20.

Next Meeting: October 18th @ 7:15pm