School Council

School Council

Mission Statement

Our School Council is committed to enriching our children’s educational community and maintaining their enthusiasm as life-long learners. 


Our School Council

An active school council meets every second month (the last Thursday of the month at 7:15 pm) to discuss school programs, school policy, current educational issues and ways to enhance the educational endeavors of the school.  ALL parents are members of the School Council and are encouraged to be part of this advisory board.

2021/2022 School Council Executive

Chairperson - Renee Spelt

Vice-Chair -  N/A

Treasurer - Stewart Cornelius

Secretary - Tracy Duckett

Fundraising - Sarah Astles


École James S. McCormick School Council Minutes
May 26 2022
7:00PM Ecole James S McCormick

Present: Renée Spelt, Stewart Cornelius, Sarah Astles, Jewell Graham, Tracy Duckett, Craig Fullarton

The meeting was called to order at 7:13pm.

  • Introductions

Sarah moved acceptance of the Agenda.

Sarah moved acceptance of the April 28th minutes.

  1. Old Business
    1. Disruption Grant Update - Craig reported we implemented the grade one grant money right away, but 10 days later all grade one, two and three students had to be assessed for the year end. There are currently 2.6 teachers at JSM paid through the literacy grant for French and English students.
    2. Kindness Rock Project - Parents/guardians will run stations on June 13 2022 for students to paint the rocks. Once they are dry, they can add messages if they want. Renée will see if a couple more volunteers can help run stations so we can have two classes at a time.
    3. Walk for Kids’ Sake - The walk is May 30 and 31.
    4. Bike Night - The council is going to have a table there to promote the school council. Set up is 5:45.
  • Reports
    1. Trustee - No trustee was present.
    2. Staff Report - The teachers are learning about the new ELA, Mathematics and PE/Wellness curriculums being implemented for the fall in K to grade 3. The June 22 assembly will be open to parents/guardians. There will be two staggered entry days in the fall and parents/guardians will be able to bring their children right in.
    3. Treasurer - Stewart said there is just over $10,000 in the account, but there are still expenditures to come out. There are no fundraisers left this year.
    4. Fundraising - Renée suggested setting up fundraisers now so they can run through the summer or be ready for the fall. For example, Mabel’s Labels could be purchased in advance of school supplies coming to school in August/September. Parents asked if the school could look into ordering class sets of school supplies and charging parents so they don’t all have to go shopping for supplies. Renee will set up a promo code with S4 Greenhouses and the school will get 10%.This will be ready to start in September. Other ideas for next year’s fundraising could include Papa John’s Pizza fundraiser pizza nights. Add something to the June newsletter about the White Elephant Sale next year asking families to save up items for donation to send in to the school any time.
  • New Business
    1. Renée suggested we advertise now for school council positions that will be open next year (ie.,treasurer and vice chair)
    2. In the next newsletter, we were asked to include the Education and the Impact of Covid Survey from ASCA.
    3. Next year’s projects - Renee has been looking into playground options and the cost of new signage to advertise school events. Wilson Ball pits were suggested to be added on the other sides of the school, so more students can play. It was also suggested to have a rubberized surface for them. Tracy will get a quote on surface playground games.
    4. It was suggested that a sidewalk be added parallel to the bus lane. Craig and Tracy will make that request of the division office.
    5. Renée asked for input on the School Council Report (successes from this year, objectives for next year, and possible speakers).
    6. Stewart moved to make the school council account a ‘one to sign’ to allow a debit/visa card for the account. Sarah seconded. Carried.
    7. Melissa Rogers asked for support for the year end fun swim and for the Fun in the Sun freezies (June 17). Stewart moved to cover the cost of a fun swim for K, 1, 2, and 3. Sarah seconded. Carried. Jewell moved to cover the cost of freezies. Carried. Stewart moved to provide freezies for kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students as well. Carried.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10.

Next Meeting Date is September 29 at 2022 7PM.


École James S. McCormick School Council Agenda

April 20 2022

10:15 am @ Ecole JS McCormick

Present: Renée Spelt, Sarah Astles, Chantel Hancik, Jewel Graham, Tracy Duckett, Craig Fullarton


  1. The meeting was called to order at 10:22
  2. Jewel made a motion to add Renée and Sarah to the bank account and have authority to sign cheques along with Stewart. Two signers are required for each cheque. Chantel Hancik seconded the motion. Passed. 
  3. Previous cheque signers need to be removed from the account. Tracy explained the school looked after the council’s funds until September of 2018, at which time the council took over responsibility for its own funds, and a treasurer was designated. 
  4. Jewel made a motion for the school council to have its own credit card and EMT set up. Chantel seconded the motion. Passed.
  5. The meeting was adjourned at 11:18.


École James S. McCormick School Council Agenda
February 17, 2022
7:15 PM via Google Meets

Present: Sarah Bonnet, Stewart Cornelius, Gifty A, Karen Weidner, Tracy Somers-Brown, Sylvie Drysdale, Renee Spelt (joined meeting for discussion of Section 7.D)

Regrets: Craig Fullarton, Tracy Duckett


  1. Call to order 
  • Introductions
  • Acceptance of the Agenda 

- Motion by Sarah to accept agenda. Carried. 

  • Acceptance of the Minutes from previous meeting

 - not available at this time - tabled. 

  1.  Old Business
  2. None
  • Reports
    1. Trustee - There was no school trustee in attendance. 
    2. Staff Report 

- Students are enjoying their hot lunches. The vendors have items well organised and labelled for distribution. 

-The simple Valentine’s craft went home to all families K-3 at no cost to them. It was designed to require minimal adult assistance. Grade 3 got a different craft activity than K-2.  

  1. Treasurer - Stewart (Treasurer) Provided an updated balance

 Currently sitting at $14,274 with one outstanding cheque for a hot lunch that hasn’t yet been cashed. Once that is cashed, the balance will be $12,994. 

Stewart (Treasurer) presented an issue with council account signatories that was identified by the bank The account is set up to be a double signing account where all cheques require the signature of two authorised signatories. At the moment he is the only one with signing authority on the current council. There are still names listed from previous council executives. Sarah offered to be a second authorized person. Tracy Somers-Brown suggested that there be three (3) people with this authorization on file in the case that one is available. This matter will be further investigated and rectified. 

  1. Fundraising - Report by Sarah, Fundraisers for Feb/March/April. 

Sarah has started the Medicine Hat Beef Jerky fundraiser. It will provide a 50% profit (School cost $5.00 per item, Fundraiser price $10.00 each - 50% profit). Scheduled to be delivered the first week in March. 

The Purdy’s fundraiser is ready for commencement in the beginning of March with deliver scheduled for April 7,2022. Profit ranges from 15-50% depending on the amount of sales. 

Hot lunches continue as scheduled. 

  • New Business
  1. Annual Stakeholder Engagement - Jan. 25 2022
  • Considering your experience as a parent in Wolf Creek, what

examples do you have of Quality Teaching in action at your

children’s school?

  • What would you like to see more of in this area?
  • Considering your experience as a parent in Wolf Creek, what

examples do you have of Supporting ALL Students in action at your

children’s school?

  • What would you like to see more of in this area?
  • Considering your experience as a parent in Wolf Creek, what

examples do you have of Collective Responsibility in action at your

children’s school?

  • What would you like to see more of in this area?

Feedback was provided by parent attendee, Gifty. She suggested that terminology such as Collective Responsibility have examples provided to ensure a common understanding of all stakeholders completing the survey. 

  • JSM Assurance Model

-This item was tabled for a future meeting. 

  • Differentiated Calendar 

Karen Weidner presented the differentiated calendar for information. She noted that the base calendar is out and staff will be selecting two extra days off in lieu of parent teacher interviews and portfolio walks. These do not impact students as the choices are already non-student days. We have the chance to request February 21, May 19, or June 30 as our additional in lieu days but again, these are already marked as non-student days so this decision will not impact families.

  • What would we like to see next year in terms of activities, fundraisers etc. 

A discussion amongst attendees provided the following possible fundraiser 

and activity suggestions to be considered for the following school year, 

depending on COVID restrictions in place at the time. 

  • Sylvie suggested a coffee fundraiser. She will provide additional information to the council to consider. 
  • Sarah reported that there has been no standout fundraiser this year at this point. 
  • Sylvie suggested an apple fundraiser in the fall based on a positive experience from a purchase from St. Gregory’s school fundraiser. Tracy Somers-Brown noted that Terrace Ridge also does this fundraiser. It was suggested that due to the timing of this fundraiser coinciding with September school start up, that participation in this fundraiser would require set up by the parent council prior to the start of the new school year. 

Possible activities for future use of fundraising money:

  • Artist in Residence (masks, mural)
  • Drumming
  • Craft / Sewing night
  • Family Dances
  • Sledding / Hot Chocolate at Cranna Lake
  • Trickster Theatre
  • Les Bûcherons et Cabane à Sucre
  • Red Deer Native Society dance presentation
  • Fun in the Sun freezies
  1. Adjournment 8:11 pm
  • Next Meeting March 17, 2022 7:15 pm