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COVID-19 : What to Expect If Someone is Sick

Mandatory Isolation Information

Albertans with symptoms:

  • Are legally required to isolate for a minimum of 10 days if you have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat that is not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition.
  • The mandatory isolation period is 10 days from the start of symptoms, or until symptoms resolve, whichever takes longer.
  • Must stay at home if exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 that are not related to a pre-existing illness/health condition. .
  • The Chief Medical Officer of Health has indicated that if someone in a household is symptomatic, other family members are not required to stay home from work or school. Family members should monitor their symptoms and ensure they are following all measures such as hand hygiene, etc. 


When Can I Return to School?

  • After the minimum 10 day isolation period AND the discontinuation of symptoms, whichever takes longer.


  • A negative test result coupled with the discontinuation of symptoms must both be in place prior to the student or staff returning to school prior to the end of 10 days isolation. 

A positive test results is a legal obligation to isolate for 14 days. Should someone misrepresent their test results, AHS communication and direction would ensure the appropriate measures were initiated.

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