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*UPDATE*- School Supply Message

At the last school council meeting, it was suggested that the school provide supplies for the students. We thought it was a great idea, so we started trying to find a way to do this. As this is a new initiative, we are still tweaking it. 
On the school supply lists, you will see where it says you can pay the school $60.00 to provide your child with supplies. We have since reduced that to $45.00 for grade 1, 2, and 3 students, and $25.00 for kindergarten students
Parents/guardians have a choice between shopping at stores to buy school supplies for their own children (label them), or paying the school for their children to use the school's supplies. (Please note that this is separate from paying the school fees.)
Teachers will have a choice between providing students with communal supplies or having students fill their individual pencil boxes with supplies. Teachers have varying approaches to this, and our plan will accommodate either option, or a combination of the two. 

Our hope is to save families time and money by doing this. 

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