Casual Support Staff Substitute Information

Process for Hiring Casual (Substitute) Support Staff



The Division acknowledges that from time to time casual support staff are required to fill short term absences for school support staff. These individuals offer important professional service that support consistency and service for both students and staff. Ensuring welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environments for students must be the primary consideration in the selection and use of casual support staff to assist with school programming, in accordance with board policy, administrative and school procedures.

The Principal, in his or her sole discretion, which shall not be subject to appeal, may choose not to make use of any person as a casual support staff if the Principal considers it advisable.


Casual School-Based Support Staff: An hourly employee who fulfills a specific, short term support to a classroom, school, student, or system-wide program. A casual school-based support staff may be in direct contact with students, and may or may not be under the direct supervision of school staff. Casual School-Based Support Staff are under the ultimate responsibility and supervision of the Principal at the school level.



1) The applicant should apply with resume, complete with references, in person to the school office. A vaild (within 6 months) Vulnerable Sector Check & Child Intervention Check must also be included for all new casual support staff applicants.

2) An applicant screening process will take place. This could potentially include reference checks and/or an interview with the school administration.

3) Upon acceptance, an orientation will take place with school administration. Applicable paperwork will be completed and the applicant will receive a handbook of required information to familiarize themselves with prior to working in the school. A casual support staff guideline waiver must be signed annually by all casual support staff members. 

4) The casual support staff member will be added to the school's support staff substitute list and contacted as required by the school staff. This list is updated annually and the casual support staff member should update the school office yearly if they wish to remain on the list.

5) Upon the first day of substitute work, the casual support staff member will be asked to complete the applicable payroll information as necessary. Payroll forms are to be completed annually.