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Wee Worriers

Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s),


Are you the parent(s)/guardian(s) of a child ages 4 to 6 (or somewhat older) who might have a “wee worry” habit? If so, this program may be for you. Lacombe Mental Health Center, in conjunction with Lacombe Parent Link, are excited to offer Worry Taming Strategies for Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of “Wee Worriers”.


This program consists of four sessions from 9:30am to11:30am that will be held at Lacombe Parent Link (located in the LMC) – childcare will be provided by Parent Link: spaces limited. Dates of the sessions are Tuesday May 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2018. Session topics will include:


*Session One: Just the Facts, Jack

            - Information on normal development in this age group

- How come a child may have worries, what are normal worries for this age and           when do they become a concern

            - Discussion of general worry taming strategies 


*Session Two: Name it, Tame it

            - Information on available resources

            - Worry taming strategies continued: externalizing worry/worry scales etc


*Session Three: Relax!!

            - The physiological response of worry

            - The importance of breathing in worry taming

            - Relaxation and visualization strategies


*Session Four: Something Stinks!!

            - Introduction to cognitive distortions (stinkin thinkin) and strategies

            - Looking at worry ‘tricks’

            - Thought stopping


For further information and to register please contact Lacombe Mental Health, Norene Gillespie, 403-782-3413. Registration deadline is Wednesday May 2, 2018. Minimum of four participants.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents/Guardians must register with Mental Health first prior to connecting with Parent Link.



Norene S. Gillespie BSW RSW MSc (Lacombe Children’s MH Therapist/Liaison)

Carolyn McLaren (Parent Link Coordinator)


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